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An Online Course to Help You Thrive Through Crisis


Secure Your Position
Secure Your Opportunities
Thrive Through Crisis


The Crisis Will Defeat You If …

You are looking to blame someone for the crisis

You are trying to slow the crisis from happening

You are forcing yourself and others through it

You are unclear on what actions to take, or when to take them

You are missing key opportunities that only come with crisis

You fail to establish yourself as a valued leader during crisis

Quit losing ground during a crisis

Crack the code of every crisis you’ll ever encounter and come out undefeated.

Your Plan To Thrive In Crisis

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Course Creators


The casualties of the crisis are real. Shayne Wyler and Sarena L. McLean created this course to help you thrive through crisis, pulling together their years of experience and wisdom from across multiple fields.

Shayne has helped many leaders thrive through crises and come out undefeated. As CEO of W Company, Shayne has helped leaders crack the code of crisis and establish themselves as valued leaders to capitalize on new found opportunities that only happen during crisis.

Sarena, has been bringing assurance and ensuring you have the right information when you need it spanning her entire career. Sarena brings expertise in how to equip yourself with the right information, organize it so you have when you need it and apply it. This allows you to make the strategic decisions you need to thrive as a leader wherever you find yourself.

In this course, you will crack the code to any crisis you find yourself in so that you can lead your teams, organization, family, community and country to thrive. Shayne and Sarean have helped leaders from all over the world thrive through crisis, and now it’s your turn.

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Are you answering your opportunities in every crisis?


Without quickly understanding your opportunities in every crisis you risk becoming a casualty of the crisis.

Leaders, their families, organizations, communities, and countries cut, trim and waste essential resources during a crisis. This is deadly.

Without knowing where your opportunities are, you will be defeated.

Shayne and Sarena share proven, practical insight to help you, your family, organization, community, and country thrive through any crisis and come out undefeated.

With the 4 simple principles you’ll learn, you’ll quickly access the vital information you need to make the right decisions, at the right time to finish the crisis triumphantly.

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The 4 principles you’ll learn help you:

  • Understand where you are most vulnerable in the crisis and why
  • Know what actions to take and when
  • Assess where you are most valued and how to measure your success in those opportunities
  • Secure your position as a valued leader throughout the crisis

People follow the leaders they value. And the leaders they value are those that help them find victory.


Thrive through crisis as the leader you are meant to be.

What do I get with the course?

Lead by Co-Creator, Shayne Wyler you get:

26 practical & results driven videos

That provide immediate transformation and results in your leadership

A downloadable workbook

To immediately apply what you’ve learned


To confirm that you’ve cracked the code

Your Crisis Action Plan

To secure your position as a valued leader during crisis

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Secure your position as a valued leader and come out the other side of any crisis undefeated.



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