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What courses are included on The Valued Leader Platform?


The Valued Leader gives you the courses you need to be valued as a leader for you, your family, team, organization, community and country.

We continually add new courses


Courses that are currently available:


The Lead Framework

Leadership is hard because it questions your worth. As a leader you face doubt every day. Doubt from yourself, and doubt from others. With the Lead Framework, you’ll fulfill your purpose so that you can be valued as the leader you are meant to be at home, work, and in your community.


The Crisis Code

The Crisis Code™ gives you the simple process to lead and thrive through any crisis you face at home, work, and beyond. With this simple four step process you’ll maximize your opportunities, and eliminate your vulnerabilities. Secure your position as a valued leader and finish undefeated.

A Valued Company

Companies are difficult to lead. Working with others to achieve a common goal is one of the most trying things you’ll ever do. However, you need a unified team to accomplish anything of value. Even when you think you’ve done something on your own, there’s someone standing by that helped make that possible, guaranteed.

The Valued Company course helps you gather the right people, at the right time to fulfill your purpose in all you do, together and meet the need of your customers every day.

Unify your team, win over your customers and usher the dream into reality.


Courses soon to be added:


Your Lead Position

When you step out of position you endanger yourself and everyone you lead.

The Lead Position course will teach you how to determine the most valuable position to lead from so that you remain the valued leader you are meant to be and achieve the dream you’re inviting everyone into. Discover your Lead Position, Learn to Lead From There, and Achieve The Dream.


A Valued Marriage

Marriage is challenging. It tests even the best leaders. And without the right understanding, your relationship is bound to fail. Led by both Shayne and Shelley Wyler, this course gives you the tools to understand why you’re together, where you’re heading, and how to value each other along the way.

When you are able to lead each other in your marriage, the relationship that results is extraordinary. Defeat the doubt that robs you of intimacy and create the cherished relationship you long to have.


Lead Your Kids

Nothing challenges you like parenting. However, just like you, your kids have a purpose too. Understanding their purpose simplifies parenting as you are able to lead and guide them towards all they are meant to achieve.

This Lead Your Kids course will simplify parenting, bring your family together and teach your kids to lead

Can I purchase a monthly subscription?

The Valued Leader is available on an annual basis only. This allows you to return to all the courses, new content and continue to secure your position as a valued leader all year long.

In what countries is The Valued Leader available?

Currently, The Valued Leader is available in Canada and the United States. Click on the GET ACCESS button at the top of this page. We will be adding more countries in the coming year with the goal to have The Valued Leader available everywhere internet is found.

Are there perks to being A Valued Leader Member?

Besides the world-class leadership education, and becoming a valued leader with each course you take, yes there are great reasons to be a Valued Leader member. You will be the first to know about new products and events as you enjoy member discounts on anything we offer outside of The Valued Leader platform.

Have more questions?

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