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An Online Course to Help You Be The Leader Others Expect

Realize Your Purpose • Be Valued • Win Your Opportunities


An Online Course to Help You Be The Leader Others Expect


Realize Your Purpose Win Your Opportunities Be Valued


Are you being devalued?

People want you but don't need you

People need you but don't want you

You are missing key opportunities

Others are unsure they should follow you

You know what you bring to the table has value

But you struggle to communicate it, let alone fulfill it

You are losing hope

Move from being devalued to valued

Your Plan To Be Valued

Get Access To The Course

Build Your Lead Framework

Secure Your Position

As a Valued Leader

Meet Your Guide


Shayne Wyler has taught hundreds of leaders, organizations, communities and families how to fulfill their purpose and be the leaders they are meant to be by using this 7 part framework. Now it’s your turn.

You need the lead framework to be the leader you are meant to be.


Do you have a proven, repeatable process that uncovers your biggest opportunities and then secures your position in those opportunities?

If you don’t, you are devalued and you are at risk of losing all you’ve worked so hard for.

In The Lead Framework course, you’ll learn how to create a framework that positions you as a valued and trusted leader everywhere you are.

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Your Lead Framework must:

  • Define your purpose everywhere you are
  • Uncover your true opportunities and overcome the challenges to fulfill those opportunities
  • Establish and secure your position as a valued leader in the lives of those you lead and serve


You, your family, team, organization, community, and country need the right lead framework to fulfill your purpose and this online course is your way to secure your position as the leaders you are meant to be.

You’ll get a simple, step-by-step process to uncover where you are valued most, align all you do to fulfill your purpose in those opportunities and truly know how you did it so you can do it again and again and again.

Your years of being devalued as a leader are over. Get access to the course, learn how to be valued, and make the impact you are meant to.

What do I get with the course?

Over 30 videos

That provide immediate transformation and results in your leadership

A downloadable workbook

That simply walks you through step-by-step


To make sure you are on the right path

Your Lead Framework

To ensure you are valued exactly how you need and want to be
Valued Leader Course Covers.004

Also Included

A growing library of courses to make sure you are valued as the leader you are meant to be.


The Lead Framework Course


Leadership is hard because it questions your worth.

As a leader you face doubt every day. Doubt from yourself and doubt from others. With the Lead Framework, you’ll fulfill your purpose so that you can be valued as the leader you are meant to be at home, work, and in your community.


Crisis Management

The Crisis Code


Do you have what it takes to make it through any crisis? The Crisis Code™, led by Shayne Wyler, will give you the simple process to lead and thrive through any crisis you face at home, work, and beyond. With this simple four step process you’ll maximize your opportunities, and eliminate your vulnerabilities.

Secure your position as a valued leader and come out the other side of any crisis undefeated.



Your Lead Position


When you step out of position you endanger yourself and everyone you lead.

The Lead Position course will teach you how to determine the most valuable position to lead from so that you remain the valued leader you are meant to be and achieve the dream you’re inviting everyone into.

Discover your Lead Position, Learn to Lead From There, and Achieve The Dream.





Personal Impact

A Valued Marriage


Marriage is challenging. It tests even the best leaders. And without the right understanding, your relationship is bound to fail. Led by both Shayne and Shelley Wyler, this course gives you the tools to understand why you’re together, where you’re heading, and how to lead each other along the way.

When you are able to lead each other in your marriage, the relationship that results is extraordinary. Discover the purpose, power, and plan of why you’re together.






Your Valued Company


Companies are difficult to lead. Working with others to achieve a common goal is one of the most trying things you’ll ever do.

The Valued Company course helps you gather the right people, at the right time to fulfill your purpose in all you do, together and meet the need of your customers every day.

Unify your team, win over your customers and usher the dream into reality.





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