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An Online Course to Help You Thrive In Your Marriage

Discover the purpose, power, and plan of why you’re together




There’s a reason why you’re together.


Even though you’re together, have you lost connection?

You spend time together, but the sweet intimacy is gone

Passion and purpose are fading

You often feel devalued and misunderstood

Life together has lost its luster

You no longer challenge and inspire each other

You are losing hope and want the connection you once had

If so, this course will help you lead your marriage and each other to where you long to be, together

Your Plan To Be Connected and Thrive In Your Marriage

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Learn To Lead and Be Valued In Your Marriage

Live An Intimate

And Connected Life Together

Meet Your Guides


Shayne and Shelley Wyler have helped many leaders and their spouses to find the connection they desire. Although they are not marriage counsellors, they do know a thing or two about how to lead in family and marriage. With eight children, they’ve come to understand how to lead, learn from, and deeply connect with each other along the way. And they are ready to teach you how to lead and be valued in your marriage as well.

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How you lead each other in your marriage changes the connection you have together.


So often we miss the opportunity to love, cherish, challenge, and nurture each other in marriage. Key moments to inspire each other pass us by and then we wonder why our relationship isn’t all we want it to be.

As we flounder to lead each other in marriage, we stumble into being devalued, discarded, and disillusioned by a failed marriage. It doesn’t need to be this way.

You both deserve an amazing relationship. Those come with their challenges, for sure, but with the right tools and understanding you can build a deeply connected relationship where you thrive together, inspired by each other.

This course will give you the tools you need to meet those challenges so that you can lead, and thrive in your marriage.

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this course, under the guidance of Shayne and Shelley Wyler, Co-Founders of W Company and The Valued Leader™ platform:


  • The purpose of why you’re together
  • How to fulfill that purpose together
  • The Framework to create the relationship you long to have together


Not being connected in your most intimate relationships leads to you and others doubting your worth. We’ve all felt the pain and heartache of that. Learn the simple principles to be connected and lead together as you realize the relationship you long for with each other. Get access to A Valued Marriage!

What do we get with the course?

Over 25 videos

That provide immediate transformation 

A downloadable workbook

That simply walks you through step-by-step


To make sure you are on the right track together

The Framework

To stay connected and thrive together

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Also Included

A growing library of courses to make sure you are valued as the leader you are meant to be.


The Lead Framework Course


Leadership is hard because it questions your worth.

As a leader you face doubt every day. Doubt from yourself and doubt from others. With the Lead Framework, you’ll fulfill your purpose so that you can be valued as the leader you are meant to be at home, work, and in your community.


Crisis Management

The Crisis Code


Do you have what it takes to make it through any crisis? The Crisis Code™, led by Shayne Wyler, will give you the simple process to lead and thrive through any crisis you face at home, work, and beyond. With this simple four step process you’ll maximize your opportunities, and eliminate your vulnerabilities.

Secure your position as a valued leader and come out the other side of any crisis undefeated.



Your Lead Position


When you step out of position you endanger yourself and everyone you lead.

The Lead Position course will teach you how to determine the most valuable position to lead from so that you remain the valued leader you are meant to be and achieve the dream you’re inviting everyone into.

Discover your Lead Position, Learn to Lead From There, and Achieve The Dream.





Personal Impact

A Valued Marriage


Marriage is challenging. It tests even the best leaders. And without the right understanding, your relationship is bound to fail. Led by both Shayne and Shelley Wyler, this course gives you the tools to understand why you’re together, where you’re heading, and how to lead each other along the way.

When you are able to lead each other in your marriage, the relationship that results is extraordinary. Discover the purpose, power, and plan of why you’re together.






Your Valued Company


Companies are difficult to lead. Working with others to achieve a common goal is one of the most trying things you’ll ever do.

The Valued Company course helps you gather the right people, at the right time to fulfill your purpose in all you do, together and meet the need of your customers every day.

Unify your team, win over your customers and usher the dream into reality.





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